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About us

The Corporation group Gräper belongs already more than 100 years to the market leaders and has been successfully promoted as a competent manufacturer of concrete transformer stations with electrical equipment, low voltage switchgear, air insulated medium voltage switchgear, as well as products of lime-sand bricks.

Realizations Gräper

A number of projects with highly sophisticated technology is implemented on the basis of the development and manufacture company Gräper not only in Germany but also bears the seal of the company in many installations in Western Europe, particularly in Spain and the Netherlands, but also in China, Africa and South America .... The current ambition of the company is to push the boundaries of its market into the Central and Eastern Europe. For this purpose was the company’s Slovak sales branch Gräper Europe in 2007 established with the location in Žilina. Gräper Europe is with 100% the daughter of German parent company Gräper based in Ahlhorn, in northern Germany. The establishment of this daughter company has brought positive results. The Gräper stations were installed mainly in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic, but the first station are also already in Russia and Georgia.

Our customers

The products of the Gräper brand have found use not only for customers in industry, construction and building, but also at major distribution companies in the Slovak, Hungarian, and Czech market. Proof for that are the completed projects for major clients from the energy sectors. The main advantage of the transformer stations and substations is their variability and compactness. Shape and size of the stations are flexibly adapted to the requirements of each customer.

High degree of safety

"The latest technology allows us to observe the highest degree of safety," says CEO Gräper Europe Ing. Gerát and ads: "All of the transformer stations and substations are controlled and manufactured in a way to ensure not only reliable and secure energy supply to the connected objects, but as well the safety of people and environment. All devices comply with the strict and high EU safety requirements (e.g., arc-resistance) that are verified by independent testing laboratories. "

Complete delivery

The Gräper’s transformer and switch stations are assembled and equipped with electric devices in the factory, saving time and allowing high level of quality and safety. The obligatory tests are performed according to the international electrotechnic norms IEC and Quality Management Systems certificate ISO 9001, thus allowing no technical malfunctions of the delivered facilities.

Lightweight concrete

Self-supporting structures of the Gräper transformer stations are by default made of reinforced concrete Gräper LC25, optionally of reinforced lightweight concrete Gräper LB25. This ensures that the transformer substations meet all requirements concerning structural firmness while maintaining lower weight and better thermal and acoustic insulation properties in comparison to kiosks made from traditional concrete. Steel reinforcement frame composed of steel bars and mats is bilaterally welded and conductively linked together, thus becoming an integral componeng of the bonding, grounding, or even lightning protection system. The concrete is water and oil proof.

Exposed aggregate concrete

The exposed aggregate concrete manufactured by the Gräper company is a special extra weather proof material. The Gräper’s transformer stations have a solid and shockproof construction allowing to keep service costs low in comparison with plaster façade and paint.


The Gräper company offers a wide range of transformer types in various architectonic modifications (terraced, saddle, cradle roof). The surface finish of the outer walls is chosen by the customer from the following selection: concrete with bare filler (exposed aggregate concrete) with 8/12 granularity, raw concrete in final surface colour according to the RAL palette of colours, from plastered concrete with scraped finish, or Rollputz material (rolled-on plaster), in final finish colour according to the RAL palette of colours, stone facing (for example Dupa-Stone), facade bricks, wood or other material as required by customer.

The company provides technical support for the project designers, contractors and riggers in the form of electronic catalogue with technical plan and descriptions, technical equipment documentation as well as technical support during the configuration in special projects.

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