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GBÜ-2000 (2TR)

External dimensions (LxWxH): 3050x2500x2650 mm
Max. nominal power: 2 x 630 kVA
Empty skeleton weight: 9300 kg


HV nominal voltage: 3 AC 22 kV 50 Hz

LV nominal voltage: 3/PEN AC 420/242 V 50 Hz / TN-C,

Frequency: 50 Hz

Transformer nominal power: to 2x630 kVA (1x1600kVA)

HV bus-bars nominal current: regarding HV distributor´s type to 630 A

LV bus-bars nominal current: according to TR power to 2500 A

HV/LV distributor nominal insulation voltage: 24 kV / 1000 V

Nominal short-time/ HV distributor dynamic current: 16 kA / 40 kA

Nominal short-time/ LV distributor dynamic current: do 25 kA / do 60 kA

LV distributor cover: IP 20

Whole station cover: IP 23D

Temperature coefficient (cover class): K 20

External dimensions (LxWxH): 3050x2500x2650 mm

Empty skeleton weight: cca 9300 kg


  • 3.1.1. basic (within the kiosk-type TS rooms),
  • 4.1.1. ambient, ordinary (outside the TS rooms )

Exposure class:

  • for internal components: XC1
  • for external components: XC4, XF1, XA1.

Operating conditions:

  • ambient temperature –40°C ≤ t ≤ + 40°C
  • altitude up to 1000 m asl.

Note: If the transformer substation is used in different climate and operating conditions, the TS supplier is needed to be consulted.

EN - Presnost. Inovace. Kvalita. 

EN - Jen s perfektním výsledkem jsme spokojeni.